Pumpkins & Salsa

Today was a day of harvesting pumpkins and canning salsa!

Hubby and I picked pumpkins from our back field for several hours this morning! Tomorrow we will pick squash and make signs for selling pumpkins! I sure do live fall…but am sad to see the summer fade away! The weather forecast looks like we have at least another summer weather week this next week!

I picked tomatoes earlier in the week so I could make salsa to enjoy a little more summer as the fall starts to settle in all to quickly. When you prepare salsa you have to start the day early so you have time to let the juice cook down before the canning process begins.

I started by washing tomatoes, green peppers and jalapenos I had already harvested from the garden. I had to purchase cilantro and onions from the store while in town the other day. Make sure to haul out your big stockpot to cook your veggies in all day! Peel the tomatoes and add veggies and sea salt and garlic to the pot. Simmer several hours before putting in hot canning jars. Add a dash of sea salt and lemon juice to each jar and water bath on canner for 20 minutes! Enjoy the taste of summer this fall!

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