Eating Out on the Cheap with Friends & Family

Well, I took last night off from blogging because let’s face it…I was tired after working my fulltime job and making dinner.

The hubby asked “What are you blogging about tonight?” I replied with the fact I was taking the night off. He said “You know what you should blog about?…How to eat out on a budget.”

So…here it is!!!

We have 2 favorite places to go locally because we can both eat dinner for $20 or less! Bonus the food never disappoints and both are locally owned! When going to dinner the first trick is to have water rather than a $3.00 soda or other drink. If you must splurge for an alcoholic beverage be sure to pick something the bartender has on special or go during happy hour! When it comes to my main meal I look for coupons in the local newspapers or online for places we enjoy. If I don’t have coupons, I look to build my meal from ala cart items or appetizers and sides. I have noticed the entree is over priced and usually includes items I do not eat. If I can’t find something reasonably priced on the menu…I look to see what is on the list of specials. And if I must have an entree I try to choose something that I can make 2 or 3 meals from and will reheat well. And dessert we rarely do so we pass and splurge later in the week for a “Coffee Date” instead!

I stick to these guidelines so we can go to most sit down restaurants around town for less than $25.00 including the tip!

I dare you to challenge yourself the next time you are out to eat on the cheap with some of my ideas!

Let me know what you find and how your meals are!

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