Finally Our Dresser Makeover

Today I finally committed to painting our dresser…now I wish I had done it 18 years ago!

Jay bought this wardrobe style dresser when he moved in. It has been through 3 moves with us.

Over the years I had thought several times about painting or staining it. But until recently I had never committed to an actual color for this project. But we built a gorgeous farmhouse bed last winter! So when I decided to stain the bed this summer I settled on a beautiful Red Chestnut stain inspired by our night stands.

So this morning Jay helped me move the dresser outside onto the deck and I opened my can of stain and went to work. I dusted the wardrobe really well first to remove all the dust bunnies! And I removed the drawers and all of the ugly wooden knobs.

I also made sure to put down a drop cloth (one of the best purchases I have made this year!) to protect the deck boards. After working with stain the last time I have also learned to wear rubber gloves when working with stain.

After staining the dresser and drawers I attached new drawer knobs I found at the local hardware store. It turned out perfect! What do you think?

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