Fall Yard Sale Over the Hill and through the Woods to Grannie’s House!

So today and tomorrow we are doing a yard sale at Jay’s Grannie’s house!

I didn’t have much to sell…we already did a yard sale earlier this summer with my sister in law…but thought we would join Grannie and a few family members and friends to see if we could make a few extra dollars. A few extra dollars never hurt anyone right???

I have been in a purging mood. Jay has been too! We have unloaded alot of things this year. Sometimes its hard yo get out of the “but I might do something with this later” frame of mind. If I haven’t taken the time to do the project and do not think I will anytime soon…it is time to get rid of it and let someone else breathe new life into it!

I went through the kitchen, bathroom, closets again and looked high and low for items that no longer had use to us. Between the hubby and I we came up with 2 tubs of clothes, miscellaneous household items and 2 big items each and loaded them in my car and trailer and took them over to the Grannie’s house!

Now if you know me I also ALWAYS come home with a few bargains too! I found a few shirts to add to my wardrobe and a cute recipe box for my daughter!

Being nearly October mens hunting apparel and equipment seems to be moving well! In all as a group on a cool fall day with some rain we did ok. I am hoping for better weather tomorrow! Let’s hang out again with family and friends and get rid of the rest! It always feels SO good to purge stuff!

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