Faux Fire Place Makeover

I had been searching Pinterest for a while to help fill a large, blank living room wall in our 1965 tri-level home. A faux fireplace would fill the space perfectly and provide something else for me to practice my decorating skills on! It was the perfect solution to fill the space and to help fill my creative gene. I mentioned the project to Jay and he was on board since he enjoys woodworking. But we put the project aside for a bit.

Fast forward a few few months…my boss mentioned she had a faux fireplace in her garage she wanted rid of. Jay and I drove down to pick it up one night. He did not quite understand the vision of what I was going to do with this outdated faux fireplace mantel. He agreed to help me with the lifting anyway and allowed me to store my project in the barn until I was ready to work on it.

The day finally came two weekends ago on a rainy cold day. I went to the barn and sanded on the ugly fireplace mantle. I found two neutral colors of paint left over from other projects. A traditional off white I used for bathroom trim in 2016 and beautiful dark grey called Urbane Bronze I used just a few months ago on the back doors to our home. It was SO cold in the barn the paint was having a hard time sticking, but I continued to work on my project, because quite honestly…I had the time.

This past weekend it was finally nice enough to do a final coat of paint that stayed on perfectly! I let the paint dry overnight an then Jay was kind enough to help me carry the mantle from the barn into it’s new home in our main floor living room! It was finally time to decorate and plan for the big reveal! I think it turned out great! Even Jay commented how nice it looks! I cannot wait to decorate for Christmas!

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