Fun with the Nail Gun!

My daughter, Coda, has began rehabing a home her and her husband purchased in 2016. Last week she decided to tackle their bathroom.

She has done a fantastic job! The old vanity was replaced. She put in new floor tile and gave their bathroom a fresh coat of paint.

But, she was looking to add some storage between the wall and vanity and over the door.

This is where the fun with the nail gun and me the mom come into play. I said SURE we can do that. Thankfully I have developed some skills from the hubby while working on our own projects. It was time to start showing Coda!

Friday after work I met her at Lowe’s and we bought some pine lumber. We trucked it home in my Subaru and went to work in the barn cutting shelving to the dimensions she has sketched out on a sheet of paper. Saturday morning we worked on the install.

And then Coda added a few finshing touches!

Their little bath has really tuned out so cute and inviting!

The trim will be replaced when the whole house gets new trim later this year.

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