Fall Fabulous Fitness Day!

Happy fall! And happy day filled with fabulous fitness activities!

I was supposed to do an aquathon October 13, but it was rescheduled to this weekend due to illness. Well it just so happens I already had a 5k scheduled yesterday as well!

So…I FINALLY made it to a Kalamazoo
College Homecoming 5k! Yay! The fall weather was absolutely perfect! My lunch time walking buddy, Deia, and a few of my co-workers, Jeff, Terri, Louise and I braved the morning and got the 5k done between rain showers. GO TEAM!

Photo credit: Jeff Moran

Then I was off to the aquathon to raise some money for the Otsego Community Ed Aqua Aerobics class. 3 hours of aqua aerobics! We had a ton of fun as normal and had some time to get to know each other more. AND we raised money for some new equipment!

Photo Credit: Sandy Squires-Jando

A fun filled Saturday with almost 20k steps! And events for good causes in our communities! And an added bonus…My first time over 50 flights of stairs!

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