Meal Prep Sunday!

It’s meal prep Sunday again!

The dog and I took a quick walk and did pilates this morning. Jay was still at work food prepping for his week ahead at the restaurant, so I worked on our home meal prepping and planning.

This week I made a big pot of potato soup with ham, onion and carrot. I will add protein powder to my portions to “soup” it up.

I also made the weekly veggies and dill dip, some ham and cheese egg bites, and ham & green onion rollups. The rollups are something we nake every now and then and they are really easy to make. They are just:

  • Green onions
  • Ham slices
  • Cream cheese

You layout 2 ham slices. Spread some cream cheese on the ham. Put one green onion on top and roll it up! Quick protein snack and they are so yummy!

I pulled a pack of beef from the freezer so we can cook up some fajita beef later this week.

What are some of the things you meal prep?

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