My Go Bag!

So many of my friends have asked how I get up and hit the gym before work. My secret weapon is my go bag!

Every night I pack my gym bag for the next morning so I can just grab and go! I even pick out my workout outfit and put it on the bathroom counter so I can get dressed and throw my hair in a pony tail lightening fast.

I have a BIG gym bag that holds everything I need to get ready for work after the gym. I buy doubles of my toiletries so I can leave the in the bag. My hair dryer and makeup stays in the bag all week during the workweek.

So what’s all in there?

  • Hair dryer
  • Bath towel
  • Work clothes & shoes
  • Jewelry
  • Flip flops for the locker room
  • Lock to keep everything safe
  • Shampoo & conditioner
  • Face wash
  • Soap
  • Heat protectant
  • Deodorant
  • Body spray
  • Face wipes
  • Hair tie
  • Makeup
  • Comb
  • Workout clothes & shoes to put on the bathroom counter for morning

Once it’s all in the bag…it is as big as our 100 pound puppy!

On Monday’s I pack a smaller bag that also has a change of clothes for walking during lunch along with an additional pair of tennis shoes I can leave in my office. Behind my office door is a jacket I can put on for walking at lunch as well.

Every Monday I pack groceries to fill my mini fridge at work for the week. I also meal plan so I can grab a lunch each morning along with a protein shake or bar to have breakfast on the way to the gym.

The preplanning and packing helps me stay on track for working out! I hope these ideas help you as well!

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