New Life for an Old Table

Many years ago I was lucky enough to be passed down one of my grandparents’ drop leaf table.

It was painted an ugly light green and for some reason I decided to paint it an even uglier shade of TEXTURED blue spray paint! Yikes! Here’s a picture!

Fast forward a few decades and I have decided to strip it and stain it to put in our living room or entry way. I bought citrus stripper and have been able to remove most of the paint from the top. What kind of paint stripper do you find works good? This is what I have currently…it works…but I feel there may be something better out there.

Today I finally got back to this project and broke the table down into it’s major components and put more stripper on it to soak and see what layers of paint I can remove later.

I can tell this project is going to be a labor of love! I can remember my grandmother using this table to fold her laundry on. My mom recently told me my grandmother also used it to stand on when washing walls. That would have been a sight to see!

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